Making A Parlay On A Football

If you have the chance, care to look at the present week college football schedule and then all you have to do is to figure out the games that you have the best chance of determining the outcome, which means that you able to predict well the result of the game as possible.

All you have to do is to research the teams in the league and then do not just pick out your favoured team or the team you used to like most when you where just one child. You need to have solid reasons for liking one team over the other when the point spread is involved, remember that this is a serious matter, not a child’s play. The point spread is the difference that Las Vegas line-makers determine should be the difference in the game. So if you see one team you like more than the opponent, that should be one of the teams you are considering for your parlay which is a good decision then.

Pick out two different games or two opposing teams and then pick two winners from the game against the point spread to bet a two-team parlay. If you like Florida as the team to cover 23 points over Chicago, and Texas to beat Georgia State by more than eight points, you can bet a two-team parlay on Florida and Texas. If both Florida and Texas cover the point spread, you win your bet as this is the rule of this kind of betting. If you risk $100 on your two-team parlay, you will be paid $260, because a winning two-team parlay pays off at odds of 13-to-5.

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